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NAD Unveils New Wireless Digital Music System

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NAD-VISO-1-media-server.jpgNAD Electronics recently unveiled a new wireless digital music system--the first in a series of wireless music devices under their new NAD VISO sub brand.

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Leading this new series, NAD announces the immediate availability of the NAD VISO 1 ($700 MSRP) -- a wireless digital music system that brings together the company's direct digital technology, acoustic design by PSB's Paul Barton and cosmetics from designer David Farrage. The NAD VISO 1 is easy to set up and simple to operate allowing music lovers to stream their music from their music library.

NAD VISO 1 offers not only docking and charging capability for iPhones and iPods, but also the new high fidelity aptX Bluetooth wireless capability. That means reportedly outstanding Bluetooth Stereo audio quality with the benefit of easy connectivity to all brands of portable devices, no matter what their operating system, as long as they have Bluetooth. The included digital optical input allows an upgrade with devices such as Sonos or Apple TV. NAD VISO 1 can also be used as the main playback device for a flat panel TV.

The NAD VISO 1 incorporates NAD's highest-end Direct Digital DAC/amplifier technology. In fact, it uses the same Direct Digital technology as that in the company's $6000 Masters Series M2 DAC/Amplifier.
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