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Naim Audio


Naim Audio was founded in the UK offers high tech products with features and functionality within a classic, minimalist cosmetic design.

Naim's product line once included fine tonearms and now reaches across many categories, including amplifiers, preamplifiers, source components featuring a unique hard disc player, as well as loudspeakers,cables, and complete systems.

Naim is one of the biggest cult hits in the British audiophile world. They sell a whole system approach to music playback and now even have a music server called the HDX.


Naim is most famous for its NAIT integrated amp. A solid state unit, many of its past versions came with as little as eight Watts per channel of power yet could light up small bookshelf or mini monitor speakers like larger and more expensive audiophile amps.

Similar brands include Linn, Meridian, Classe, Rotel, and Cambridge Audio.

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Naim Audio

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