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NEC a global conglomerate that offers products and electronic technologies to business and consumers. They sold their plasma production to Pioneer, but continue to make and OEM LCD flat panel displays and video projectors as part of their involvement in the home theater and consumer electronics market.

NEC also makes digital cinema projectors for 2D and 3D using DLP.

NEC's P-Series projectors are LCD-based. The P420X for example is 1,024 768 and rated at 4,200 lumens. The NP series is even brighter, with the NP4100 sporting 5500 lumens. There's also the MultiSync line of LCD computer monitors and even LED walls for stadiums.


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NEC HT1100 projector

For an in-depth history, check out the Wikipedia article.

Similar brands include Panasonic, Epson, Sony, Toshiba, Samsung, and LG.

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