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Nintendo Announces 3D Gaming System That Doesn't Need Glasses

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Donkey_Kongin3D.gifThe formal term for 3D without glasses is autostereoscopic 3D and video game superpower Nintendo is the first to realize that this is a key barrier to consumer acceptance of 3D in the marketplace. Its not the first time Nintendo has had their thumb on the pulse of demand when it comes to consumer electronics - their Wii system, while an standard definition system, captured the attention of non-hardcore games with its overall simplicity.

The Nintendo 3DS, as it will be called, is slated for release in fiscal 2011. That likely means a year from now at least. The game machine will do both 2D and 3D gaming and will have a four inch screen as well as some sort of joystick. Will a four inch screen create a dramatic 3D effect? Time will tell but Nintendo has the right idea with developing 3D content that doesn't need glasses.

The Nintendo 3DS will thankful be backwards compatible to past handheld game machines from the company.

Nintendo shares were up sharply in trading in Japan today as were rival Sony's.

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