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One of the most underrated cable companies in the world beloved by audiophiles with extreme systems worldwide, Nordost utilizes flat cable technology and exceptional craftsmanship to create its high performance lineup of audio, video, digital, and power cable products.

Nordost is one of the highest end cable companies in the audiophile community.

Founded in 1991, Nordost uses "precision conductor solutions" first used by the aerospace industry and NASA's shuttle program.


Nordost's Odin cable uses dual micro mono-filament technology. Also available are The Reference and Norse lines of interconnects, Leif and Flatline series of speaker cables, and the Supreme Reference power cables.

Similar companies include Quantum (a sister company), Transparent, Ultralink, Kimber Kable, and Monster Cable.

Email: info@nordost.com


200 Homer Avenue
Ashland, MA 01721

(508) 881-1116 - tel
(508) 881-6444 - fax