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NuForce is one of the biggest audiophile success stories in the past decade. They sell direct to the consumer and have made the idea of high powered, Class-D digital amps popular with audio enthusiasts.

Founded in 2005, NuForce claims its mission is to "Thrill the ear, delight the eye. and please the pocket."


In NuForce's desktop audio line there's the NE-700X and 700M earphones, plus the HDP and HD headphone amps. The Icon-2 and uDAC-2 are USB DACs.

In their high-end audio line, they sell a NuForce-modified Oppo Blu-ray player, along with the Reference 18, Stereo 8.5 V3, and MCH-300SE0C7 amps. The S-9 bookshelf speakers have a claimed frequency response of 40 Hz to 25 kHz and an 89 dB sensitivity.

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Similar companies include Axiom, Oppo, Apex, and NHT.

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