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Obama Calls For Feb. 17 DTV Switchover Delay

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With the consumer electronics and home theater world focused on the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, President-elect Barack Obama is calling for a delay in the much ballyhooed DTV switchover that would cut off analog broadcasts. Nielsen studies suggest that nearly 7,000,000 households would be effected by the switchover.

With the economy slumping and the coupons for converter boxes hotter than a Cabbage Patch Kid in about Christmas 1986 - Obama might be on to something. Mainstream Americans are trying to keep their jobs and stay current on their mortgage payments these days. While getting them to buy new HDTVs and digital cable and or satellite TV would help the CE business in the down economy - it might not be what's best for the people who cast their votes for Mr. Obama.

Its hard to see the downside for waiting six to twelve months for the DTV switchover however the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) thinks that the date should stand pat.

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