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OmniMount Model 1N1-S, 13-32-inch HDTV Fixed Wall Mount Reviewed

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Omnimount-1N1-S-HDTV-mount-review-small.jpgLet's face it, not every HDTV purchase is going to be of the 50 plus inch variety. In fact, the average HDTV size in the US hovers around 40 inches, with more and more smaller displays being scooped up for bedroom, office or dorm use every day. Well, those smaller displays need love too and OmniMounthas a simple, straightforward and affordable fixed-mounting solution for such HDTVs in the company's 1N1-S wall mount. 

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Retailing for less than $20 (depending on where you shop), the 1N1-S is among the more affordable fixed wall mounts you're going to find if you're looking to mount an HDTV up to 32 inches diagonal. It's a true universal design, featuring OmniMount's new VESA plate design for increased compatibility. The 1N1-S is a low-profile design, extending the depth of your chosen HDTV less than a half an inch. Its Lift-n-Lock design makes moving, removing or updating your display fairly trouble-free and its safety screws make security a non-issue. The 1N1-S comes with all the requisite hardware to affix the mount to your wall and to your chosen HDTV.

I requested the 1N1-S to use with a variety of smaller HDTVs that I have in my home. None are larger than the 1N1-S 32-inch limit, though all are from different manufacturers, such as Vizio, Dynex, Hanspree and LG. I use the smaller monitors as secondary displays for things like music surfing, setup menus and such, as it keeps me from having to fire up the projector all the time. The 1N1-S proved to be capable of accommodating and safely supporting all of my various secondary HDTVs with little fuss. In truth, it is among the easiest wall mounts I've ever encountered, helped of course by the fact that the displays themselves are very manageable in size and weight. I was able to install the 1N1-S in less than 10 minutes and had each display resting securely in its grasp in another five.

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