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OmniMount ULPC-S Small Low Profile Cantilever Mount Reviewed

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OmniMount-ULPC-S-Review.gifI get asked about HDTV wall mounts a lot and I'm usually pretty straightforward in my response, if you don't need your HDTV to dance (aka move out from the wall via an arm) then save your money and get something affordable. However, upon moving into my new home I found myself in a tricky predicament for I wanted to stay true to my "go cheap or go home" mantra but knew that I wanted my dual 24-inch computer monitors to also "dance."

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The lion's share of press when it comes to mounting HDTVs has centered around mounts capable of securely holding displays in excess of 42-inches diagonally to your wall. However, what should you buy if you looking to mount a smaller HDTV or monitor in say your kitchen, home office or guest bedroom? Where do you begin? For me the answer was simple-OmniMount.

OmniMount makes a host of mounts both static and cantilevered for a wide variety of HDTVs and displays. Their products range from the truly affordable to super premium, they even have a few "trick" solutions that would make any fan of West Coast Customs go daaammmn. For my needs I settled on the ULPC-S or Small Low Profile Cantilever Mount for it was the ideal solution for wall mounting my two 24-inch computer monitors above my workstation in my new home office.

The ULPC-S retails for $129.95 and is ideally suited for displays up to 32-inches in size (diagonally) and weighing less than 50 pounds. It's an ultra low profile design meaning its cantilever armature collapses neatly into itself adding less than two inches to the overall depth of your HDTV or monitor. The ULPC-S is made from steel tubing and extremely robust for such a small mount though its movement and action is very fluid and decidedly non-metal like. The mount itself allows for full tilt, pan and swivel movements and features built-in screen leveling and a Lift n' Lock system that makes it easy to attach your display to the mount itself should you need to remove it for any reason down the road.

Installation is pretty much the biggest issue with any wall mount for once a wall mount is installed it's pretty much forgotten. Installing a mount is either exceedingly easy or unimaginably difficult with little room in between. I've yet to encounter a wall mount that wasn't easy enough to install by myself, though cantilevered mounts tend to require a bit more time and attention. While the ULPC-S isn't as easy to install as say a standard fixed wall mount or The OmniMount, OmniMount's four tab mounting system that is as simple as it gets, but it's close. All of the necessary tools and hardware are included, minus a screwdriver or drill of course, and installation is as easy as one-two-three. Actually there are four steps total but you get the idea. The instructions for mounting are right there on the mounting template so you have them in front of you at all times and the template even has a dust tray built in that catches the drywall dust instead of letting it hit your floor or carpet, very cool and thoughtful. Once mounted you can run your cables through the Quick-Snap guides on their way to your source for a clean, professional looking installation.

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