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OmniMount ULPC-S Small Low Profile Cantilever Mount Reviewed

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I installed two ULPC-S mounts in my office, one for each of my 24-inch displays, and after several weeks of use have absolutely zero to complain about. They work as advertised and give both my monitors virtually full range of motion, which is critical for the type of work I do day in and day out. The thing I like most is that when I'm done for the evening I can simply push them back against the wall with a single finger for a clean, visually unobtrusive look as opposed to what I was used to in the past, which was my monitors sitting atop my desk visually cutting my space in half.

High Points
• The ULPC-S is both stylish and functional, providing a level of flexibility and ease of motion you don't usually find in wall mounts retailing for around $100.
• Low profile is all the rage these days and the ULPC-S is about as low profile as they come, adding less than two inches to your HDTV or display's overall depth.
• The ULPC-S's build quality is top notch and should provide for years of trouble free service.
• Installing the ULPC-S is about as easy as is gets when talking about cantilevered mounts thanks to its rather ingenious mounting template.

Low Points
• Initial adjustments like, pan, tilt and extension, are a little stiff and may cause you to hesitate but over time they do loosen and can be further tuned via the included hardware for a feel that best suits your tastes.

For just under $130 retail the ULPC-S Small Low Profile Cantilevered Wall Mount from OmniMount is a well thought out, stylish and affordable solution for those looking to wall mount a smaller HDTV (less than 32-inches) or computer monitor. Providing your monitor or HDTV with virtually full range of motion combined with installation so easy a caveman could do it, the ULPC-S gets my vote as the small, cantilevered mount to buy.

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