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Onkyo Releases New HTiBs, Speakers, Receiver, and 3D Blu-ray Player

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Onkyo just announced four new packaged home theater systems, including its first with networking capabilities, a new home theater speaker system, upgraded mid-line AV receiver, and a 3D Blu-Ray player.

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Home Theater Systems: Onkyo has increased its home theater line-up from three models to four: the HT-S6400, HT-S7400, HT-S8400, and HT-S9400THX. All four have a front-panel USB port that offers a direct digital connection for an iPod or iPhone, along with support for audio playback from USB mass-storage devices. The top three models include Ethernet networking capabilities to support streaming audio and Internet radio from Pandora, Rhapsody, Napster, SiriusXM Internet Radio, Slacker, Mediafly, Last fm, and vTuner and Windows 7 and DLNA. These same three models also include the new Marvell Qdeo 4K video upscaling processor for use with upcoming higher resolution video displays.

These networking models can also take advantage of Onkyo's free Remote App for iPod, iPhone, or iPad to control the A/V receiver. All these models are compatible with the recently announced UWF-1 Wireless USB Adapter that provides an IEEE 802.11b/g/n connection to access music on a home network.

The 7.1-channel HT-S9400THX is THX Certified and includes THX approved speakers. The HT-S8400 includes a 7.1-channel slim floorstanding speaker package with high-performance 41-inch high front speakers, while the HT-S7400 uses a more-compact 5.1 speaker package. All of these systems include powered subwoofers.

The HT-S6400 uses brand new 5.1-channel speaker set that includes a powered subwoofer and matching gloss-finished front, center, and surround speakers. This speaker system will also be sold separately as the SKS-HT690.

The Onkyo HT-S7400, HT-S8400, and HT-S9400THX will be available in May with Suggested retail prices of $799, $899, and $1099 respectively. The HT-S6400 and SKS-HT690 will follow in July with MSRPs of $699 and $449 respectively.

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