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Oracle makes some of the most visually stunning audiophile grade electronics known to man, including the Delphi MkV turntable, the SME series 345 tone arm and spaceship looking CD players and transports like the CD 2000. Truly striking products with audiophile performance and decades of design to back up the good looks.

Since 1979 Oracle has followed the mantra said by Igor Fedorovich Stravinsky in 1942: "it's not sufficient to hear music but one should also see it." All Oracle products are made in Quebec, Canada.


HomeTheaterReview.com's Oracle product reviews include:

Oracle DAC 1000/CD 2500 CD transport and DAC
Oracle Delphi Mark IV turntable
Oracle Delphi III turntable

Similar companies include Simaudio, Clearaudio, Goldmund, and SME.

Email: info@oracle-audio.com

Oracle Audio Technologies

6136 Blvd. Bertrand Fabi, Suite 101
Sherbrooke, Quebec J1N 2P3

(819) 864-0480 - tel