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Outlaw Audio Model 7500 Multi-Channel Amplifier Reviewed

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OutlawAudio-7500amp-reviewed.gifOutlaw Audio has been a pioneer in the Internet direct home theater and two channel marketplace for many years, providing high performance and truly affordable products to the masses. The Model 7500 multi-channel amplifier reviewed here at $1,599 retail is no exception.

The 7500 is a five channel amplifier rated at 200 watts per channel into eight Ohms and 300 watts per channel into four with all five channels being driven simultaneously. It has a frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz with less than three percent total harmonic distortion. The 7500's substantial power is housed in a rather unassuming black chassis that while plain in nature has subtle design cues, like rounded edges, that make it appear far more upscale than its price would have you believe. The 7500 is a solid unit measuring in at a little over 17 inches wide by seven and three quarters inches tall and 18 inches deep; while large the 7500 is still easily rack mountable. The 7500, due to its large power transformer, tips the scales at a robust 80 pounds.
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The 7500 features both balanced and unbalanced inputs each of which are selectable via a simple switch and five pairs of very robust and sturdy binding posts that can accept spade or banana terminated speaker cable as well as bare wire. The rear panel of the 7500 features a master on/off switch, remote trigger and a detachable power cord. The build quality and layout of the 7500 front to back is exceptional and better than some so-called higher end products.

In terms of sound the 7500 is far more refined than what I was expecting and is equally suited for both music and movies. The midrange is the 7500's strong suit and though its high frequency performance isn't shabby, it just doesn't quite have the air or extension you'll find in more expensive amplifiers. In terms of bass performance the 7500 has plenty of heft and slam though at extreme volumes it does lose a bit of control making the lowest octaves sound a bit one dimensional. Again, this isn't anything to lose sleep over, as I can think of far costlier amplifiers that suffer from the same ailments.

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