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Outlaw Audio RR2150 Stereo Receiver Reviewed

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One might be tempted to call the Outlaw Audio RR2150 reviewed here an integrated amplifier, however, no integrated amp retailing direct for $699 has a built in MM/MC phono stage, USB input, tuner, subwoofer output, and true bass management. While feature laden it's not quite a home theater receiver; the guys at Outlaw have seen it fit to call the RR2150 a stereo receiver and while the moniker doesn't quite scream audiophile grade I assure you its performance does.

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Visually, the RR2150 is art deco audio at its best, though despite the vintage appearance, there is nothing-old world about its sound quality and connection options. The RR2150 boasts a solid 100-Watts per channel into eight Ohms and 160 Watts per channel into four. While that may not sound like a lot in comparison to say Krell or Anthem, trust me it's more than enough. The RR2150 also has a subwoofer output complete with selectable, analog bass management at the receiver, which according to Outlaw is a first. There are plenty of inputs for your legacy sources including a selectable MM/MC phono stage that is not only a nice addition but also a fine phono stage for a budding vinyl enthusiast. For those of you who think records, and perhaps even CD's, are a bit Jurassic there are two ways in which to connect your computer or portable MP3 device to the RR2150; a front mounted stereo mini-jack or a rear mounted USB input.

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