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Panamorph makes anamorphic lens and automated lens systems for nearly every projector brand on the market today.

Panamorph was one of the first companies to sell lenses to convert 4 3 native projectors to 16 9 aspect ratio. Today, they sell lenses to allow 16 9 projectors to fill 2.35:1 (21 9) screens.

The two main products Panamorph sells are Movable Lens Systems like the A480SYS and M480SYS, and Fixed Lens Systems like the UH480 and the UV200. The movable lenses are mounted on a motorized mount, and slide in front of the projector's lens to stretch the image horizontal to fill the 2.35:1 screen. It's in front of the lens only when you need it. The fixed lenses are stationary, providing their effect permanently.

Read Andrew Robinson's review of the Panamorph FVX200J anamorphic lens system.


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