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Panasonic and XpanD Team Up to Offer New 3D

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TWICE.com reports that XpanD 3D just began licensing a new standard for active shutter 3D that was developed with Panasonic. The new standard, named M-3DI, is intended to bring compatibility to 3DTVs, computers, home projectors, and cinema projectors.

Ami Dror, XpanD's chief strategy officer, informed TWICE that the first licensor is Panasonic, soon to be joined by Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Philips, Sanyo, Sim2, and others.

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This new standard puts a lot more of the technological burden on the glasses. A user will be able to take the glasses to a friend's house or to a movie theater. Providing that the 3D is active shutter based, the new glasses will recognize the 3D signal, determine what product is sending it out, and sync with it. Users will then be able to adjust 3D settings through a computer or even using an XpanD app on a mobile device.

The supporters of this new standard believe that by unifying the many different technologies under one brand of glasses, industrywide, they will be able to speed the pentration of 3D HDTV into the home setting for consumers.

Dror predicted that the first wave of products outfitted with the new M-3DI standard will be available in the latter half of 2011.

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