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Panasonic VIERA Connect Web Platform (2012)

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4 Stars

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Panasonic-VIERA-Connect-Web-Platform-review.jpgHigh Points
• The major video-on-demand bases are covered: Netflix, Amazon, Vudu, Hulu Plus, and CinemaNow.
• The VIERA Connect Market has a lot of games, sports, news, and other entertainment options.
• The interface is clean and simple.
• A Web browser and DLNA media streaming are available.
• The basic IR remote provides solid, reliable control, even for Web browsing.
• A control app is available for iOS/Android devices, and it includes a virtual keyboard, a touchpad slider, a game pad for Web games, and the ability to flick Web/media content to the TV.
• You can add a Web camera or keyboard.

Low Points
• The Web browser does not support Flash.
• None of the new Panasonic TVs includes a built-in Web camera for Skype and other services.
• In terms of device connectivity, Panasonic does not offer tools like WiFi Direct or a Soft AP mode.
• The VIERA Remote app does not always work reliably, especially the virtual keyboard.
• Panasonic has said it plans to introduce a better search function to provide a more thorough way to search all media types, but it is not yet available.

All in all, I'm a fan of the VIERA Connect platform. It offers access to all of the big-ticket Web services, and it does so through a simple, straightforward interface that has a quick response time. VIERA Connect doesn't yet offer some advanced features you can find with services from Samsung and LG, such as WiFi Direct connectivity for mobile devices, an integrated camera, advanced search capabilities, and Flash support for Web content. Still, the essentials are in place. My primary issues were not with the Web platform itself but with the accompanying VIERA Remote app, which does a good job controlling basic TV functions but is less intuitive when navigating the Web platform than other control apps I've used.

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