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Paradigm PV-150 In-Wall Loudspeakers Reviewed

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Paradigm_PV150_inwall_image.gifAt the moment, there may not be a hotter category in all of loudspeakers than in-walls. With the growing number of HDTV sales, consumers are looking to in-wall loudspeakers to round out their modern home theater systems. However, not all in-walls are created equal, and while most will provide a level of stealth, few mate it with true audiophile-grade performance. Paradigm, one of the leaders in loudspeaker design, is out to change that with their PV line of in-wall speakers, specifically the PV-150 reviewed here. Only the PV-150 adds a little extra to the equation by being hugely affordable at $149 per pair.

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The PV-150 is a two-driver, two-way in-wall speaker, utilizing a one-inch silk dome tweeter mated to a five-and-a-half-inch bass/midrange driver. The PV-150 has a reported frequency response of 75Hz-20kHz and is relatively efficient with its 88dB rating into an eight-ohm load.

The PV-150 comes from the factory in a white finish. It can be painted to match any d├ęcor, though you'll want to paint the grilles with a spray nozzle rather than a roller to ensure the sound reaches your listening position. Beyond the unlimited finish options, the PV-150 can be installed into a standard wall cavity between the studs and is easy enough to set in place by even a novice DIYer.

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