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Paradigm is one of a handful of other companies making affordable yet high-end loudspeakers. Founded in Canada in the early 1980s, Paradigm designs and manufactures all of its products from the ground up, with ultimate levels of quality and innovation, across multiple market segments and categories.


Paradigm is one of the best reviewed speaker brands of all time, and consistently improves and refines its R&D efforts.

One of the latest product lines is Paradigm Shift, a line of portable and home-studio based audio products.

Paradigm Reference is Paradigm's highest-end products.

Notable products include the Paradigm AMS and CS in-wall/in-ceiling speakers, Paradigm Monitor series, and the Paradigm Reference Millenia.

HomeTheaterReview.com's Paradigm product reviews:


Paradigm Reference Studio 20 v.5 bookshelf speaker
Paradigm Signature SUB 25 subwoofer
Paradigm Studio 100 5.1 speaker system
Paradigm Cinema 330 on-wall speaker
Paradigm Signature W5 on-wall speaker

Similar companies include sister company Anthem, PSB, Definitive Technology, Golden Ear, JBL, Infinity, and Klipsch.


205 Annagem Blvd
Mississauga, ON L5T 2V1

(905) 564-1994 - tel
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