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Parasound Halo A52 Five Channel Power Amplifier Reviewed

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If you're looking to build a home theater on a budget, why not take a peek at the Parasound Halo A52 five-channel amp? With a retail price of $2,500, the A52 comes from Parasound's cost-no-object line of products, designed in conjunction with legendary audio designer John Curl. You heard me correctly: $2,500 buys you a cost-no-object amp from Parasound, one of the leaders in the value-per-dollar AV electronics game.

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The A52 is a five-channel amp churning out a solid 125 watts into eight ohms and 225 watts into four ohms. The A52 is a THX Ultra2-certified amp that runs in a high-bias Class A/AB configuration, which also means the A52 is ready to rock from the moment it is turned on, unlike other high-powered amplifiers. The A52 features gold-plated balanced and unbalanced inputs, as well as gold-plated five-way binding posts.

The A52, like the rest of Parasound's Halo lineup, is stunning with its smooth silver façade and pale blue indicator lights. Truthfully, you're going to be hard-pressed to find a better-looking and more solidly-built amp in or even remotely close to the A52's asking price. Throw in Parasound's time-tested reputation and rock-solid warranty, and the A52 is one of the most attractive multi-channel amps under $5,000 today.

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