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Parasound, along with companies like Adcom and B&K, emerged from the 1980s as market leaders in affordable high-end audio and home theater products. Initially making its name in amplifiers and preamplifiers, Parasound has delved into other categories such as preamplifier processors, universal disc players, tuners, and even in-wall loudspeakers.


Parasound also recently launched a higher end line called 'Halo', to much critical acclaim. Also new are the NewClassic line, fresh updates of classic products with new technology. The Parasound Z series are half-rack space ultra-compact electronics.

Other notable products include the Parasound Halo JC2 Preamp, the Halo A 51 amplifier, the Parasound Model 2100 preamp and the Parasound Model 2250 amp.

HomeTheaterReview.com's Parasound product reviews include:

Parasound 5250 five channel power amplifier
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Parasound Halo P3 stereo preamplifier
Parasound P7 7.1 channel analog preamplifier
Parasound A51 five channel power amplifier


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