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Pass Labs


Pass Labs was founded by legendary audio designer Nelson Pass in 1991.

Pass Labs produces ultra high-end, robust two-channel solid-state electronics and loudspeakers (many operating in pure Class A), based on the numerous designs and patents held by Mr. Pass.

Before founding the company that has his name, Pass founded Threshold. Similar companies include Boulder, McIntosh, Krell, Audio Research, Ayre, and Bryston.


Notable Pass Labs products include:

Pass Labs Class A XA.5 Series amplifiers
Pass Labs Class AB X.5 Series amplifiers
Pass Labs INT-30A and INT-150 integrated amplifiers
Pass Labs XP Series of preamps.

Most recently, Pass Labs has expanded into the speaker market.

Email: info@passlabs.com

Pass Labs

PO Box 219, 24449 Foresthill Road
Foresthill, CA 95631

(530) 367-3690 - tel
(530) 367-2193 - fax