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People Still Prefer Discs to Streaming Video

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bluray-disc.jpgHome Media Magazine reports that people still prefer watching video on discs, as opposed to streaming. The publication recently reported the results of a survey conducted by SAY Media, making the conclusion based off the answers of the voters. What is notable is that many of the voters that were younger preferred to watch physical media, casting doubt on the idea that streaming video is favored by the younger generations.

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When it came to video playback, the 18 to 44 group preferred physical media over streaming. The older than 45 group also preferred physical media to streaming. Those who do stream, prefer to do so via computers, but close behind them our streaming devices, such as Roku boxes, Apple TVs, and video game consoles.

Not many people stream media over their mobile phones, which is definitely an activity of the younger generations. Unsurprisingly, no participant over the age of 45 had streamed content over a phone or other portable device.

While physical content is still definitely on its way out, this survey suggests that that day may be further off than originally thought.

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