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Pioneer is one of the most recognized brand names in consumer electronics. Pioneer was founded in 1938 and made its name and reputation mainly in the home and mobile audio world, but also branched out into video with its invention of the LaserDisc format.

In recent years, Pioneer has earned a reputation as one of the best and most innovative television and display producers in the world, starting with its Elite line of projection televisions in the late 1980s and into today with its wide variety of flat panel display solutions.


Due to market pressure and other factors, Pioneer discontinued it's much-loved KURO TV line in 2009. In 2011, Pioneer allowed Sharp the use of it's Elite brand to sell LCD TVs through Pioneer's dealer network.

Notable products include the Pioneer KURO plasmas, the Pioneer Elite EX Series in-walls, and the Pioneer BDP and FD line of Blu-ray players.

HomeTheaterReview.com's Pioneer product reviews include:

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Similar companies include Panasonic, Sony, Samsung, Denon, Yamaha, Onkyo and LG.


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