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Polk Audio 625-RT In-Wall Loudspeaker Reviewed

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Polk_Audio_625-RT_in-wall_speaker_review.jpgIt's hard to imagine in-wall loudspeakers becoming less intrusive for they take up zero floor space and yet that's exactly what they're doing, for the hot new trend among in-wall speakers is to be more hidden. How can an in-wall speaker be any more hidden? Easy, lose the bezel. For years in-wall loudspeakers have been "plagued" with chunky white bezels that might as well have been big white bulls-eyes screaming, "Look at me!" Of course I'm exaggerating but just like HDTV thickness, why can't in-wall speaker bezels be thinner? The answer is - they can. Not only are in-wall speaker bezels becoming a thing of the past, they're also more affordable than ever. Case in point: the 625-RT in-wall loudspeaker from Polk Audio.

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Retailing for $149.95 each the 625-RT in-wall loudspeaker is part of Polk Audio's new Vanishing Series of in-wall and architectural loudspeakers. The 625-RT is a two-way in-wall loudspeaker that measures 14 inches tall by nearly nine inches wide with an overall depth of three and a half inches and a weight of four pounds. The 625-RT uses a one and three quarter inch silk dome tweeter sitting atop a six and a half inch polymer mid/bass driver. The 625-RT has a reported frequency response of 35Hz to 25kHz with an efficiency rating of 89dB into a nominal eight-Ohm load. Polk Audio states the 625-RT can be driven to satisfying levels on as few as 20-Watts, which seems about right. Nevertheless any modern AV receiver should do the trick nicely.

Installation of the 625-RT appears to be straightforward and easy enough for even the most novice of weekend warrior, yet if doubt abounds you can always have them installed by your local Polk Audio dealer. In terms of sound, the 625-RT are quite good, possessing natural though slightly warm midrange with a smooth, airy top end that is polite at the extremes. The 625-RT has surprising dynamics and the ability to create a convincing center image. All of this makes for a heck of a versatile yet affordable in-wall loudspeaker, one equally suited for music or movies but one that is also ideally suited for small to medium sized rooms.

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