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Polk Audio was founded in 1972 by Matthew Polk, George Klopfer, and Sandy Gross (of Definitive Audio and Golden Ear fame). Polk Audio holds numerous patents in the world of loudspeaker design. Polk's design philosophy centers around the midrange, and its prominence in the way people hear and perceive sound.

While debuting with and being famous for its smaller "Monitor" designs, Polk also has introduced some more ambitious designs in its RTA and SDA series, the latter of which has attained cult status within some circles of the audio community.


Notable products include the SurroundBar, the LSi and LSi M series, and RTi series.

HomeTheaterReview.com's Polk Audio product review include:

Polk Audio SurroundBar 3000 soundbar
Polk PSW125 subwoofer
Polk TSi400 floorstanding loudspeaker
Polk TSi300 floorstanding loudspeaker
Polk RTi A9 floorstanding loudspeaker

Similar companies include Klipsch, Infinity, JBL, MartinLogan, NHT, Definitive Technology and Golden Ear.

Email: polkcs@polkaudio.com

Polk Audio

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