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Polk LSi7 Bookshelf Loudspeakers Reviewed

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4 Stars
4 Stars
4 Stars

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polk-ls7i-review.gifHigh Points
• The LSi7 provides a world-class level of highs, lows, dynamics and soundstaging.
• The LSi7 offers a superb level of fit and finish with two optional finishes, dual 5-way binding posts, and convenient wall-mounting.
• The LSi7 superbly reproduces both music and movie material.
• The LSi7 provides a big sound and offers a smaller alternative to floorstanding loudspeakers in certain small-to-medium sized rooms.

Low Points
• The LSi7's generally good upper bass to upper midrange varied in sonic character depending on the material. Negative effects were less evident on acoustic instrumental material.
• At 21 pounds, the LSi7 is not light, and may pose problems if placing on lightweight stands or shelves.
• The LSi7's ebony finish is dark, but may not appeal to those looking for a pitch black or gloss black finish.

The Polk LSi7 offers a terrific combination of sonics and cosmetics at an affordable price. While its midband performance varied depending on the material, overall it was still very good, and in conjunction with its superb high frequency and bass performance, offered a sonic presentation on par with the best loudspeakers at its price point, and even in some ways with those costing considerably more. Consider these speakers very highly recommended from HomeTheaterReview.com.

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