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Positioning Speakers and Making The Most of Your Gear's Settings Plus the THX Optimizer: Videos From THX

Episode Nine - Making The Most of Your Gear's Settings
AV gear is complicated. Everybody knows this, but not everybody is capable of getting the most out of their AV receivers or Blu-ray players by simply reading the manuals. Professional calibrators can help, but THX has tips for you to get more from your gear.

Episode Ten - Speaker Positioning and Pointing
Not all speaker positions are created equally. In this instructional video, THX gets into how to make the most out of a less than perfect speaker location using a good soundbar example. The video later goes deeper into how to best position your video display and how it effects your consumer or professional video calibration.

Episode Eleven - THX Optimizer
Calibration is important. The THX Optimizer is a bit of a one-stop shop in that regard. In this video, the THX Optimizer is front and center. The video will show you what the THX Optimizer can help with and where you can find the feature.

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