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25 Installed Premium Car Audio Systems (Including Some You Can Actually Afford)

caraudiostart.jpgOne of the critiques on the hobby of the hobby of audiophila is that its snobby and exclusionary. One way the mold is being broken today is through premium installed car audio. After Harman (Mark Levinson) got in bed with Lexus, it seems everybody is in on the act ranging from Range Rover to McLaren to Jaguar to Mercedes to Ferrari to Fiat to Chrysler to Acura to Bugatti, Audi and so many others.

Today, a lot of lip service is given to the power of headphones being the gateway drug for Generation Y and high performance audio. One might argue that premium installed car audio might be just as good of an entry point to the hobby for the largest demographic in United States history. While 22 year olds are unlikely peeling off $1,300,000 for a Bugatti Veyron unless they just signed their first NBA contract - they may pop for a Volkswagen GTI with a DynAudio system or a Fiat 500 with a Beats Audio system. The addiction has to start somewhere.

Enjoy this slide show of some of the most fantastic cars in the world today and their premium installed audio systems . . .