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Pro Audio Technology and Trinnov Partner to Show Off 3D Audio

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PRO-Experience-Center-3.pngThe best way to explain how effective a great 3D audio system can be is to let people hear it for themselves. That's what Pro Audio Technology aims to do in its new PRO Experience Center, which was unveiled to the company's dealers, guests, and press a few weeks ago. The PRO Experience Center, designed to look like a high-end family entertainment room, features a PRO speaker array consisting of 11 listener-level speakers, eight overhead channels, and four massive subwoofers, controlled by the Trinnov Altitude32 AV preamp and driven by a total of 14,850 watts of power using PRO PMA and DMA amplifier/processors. The complete system is valued at over $100,000.

Pro Audio Technology also used the occasion to announce the launch of its PROCertified service, which provides dealers with design and development assistance to create 3D audio systems, from the initial concept stage through final commissioning and calibration.


From PRO Audio Technology
PRO Audio Technology (PRO) hosted approximately 46 dealers and industry guests on Wednesday, April 20, 2016, alongside Trinnov Audio at their newly renovated and upgraded PRO Experience Center for a day of dealer presentations and training and an evening of cocktails and high-impact audio demonstrations.

Now powered by the next-generation Trinnov Altitude32 AV Preamp, the immersive system at the heart of the PRO Experience Center features 11 listener-level speakers, eight independent overhead channels, and four massive subwoofers, all working harmoniously to create an enveloping 11.4.8-channel immersive audio experience unlike anything achievable by current consumer-grade audio gear. 14,850 watts of power provided by PRO PMA and DMA amplifier-processors is required to fuel the staggering array of PRO Audio speakers.

"I was solidly impressed with the sound delivered by the 23-channel ATMOS presentation in the PRO Experience Center," said Mark Hoffenberg, president at AudioVisions. "It was abundantly clear that a high channel count makes a big difference when listening to immersive audio, and PRO Audio Technology presented an effective solution for dealers to install that many channels into a typical listening environment in a design-friendly way."

In addition to dealer presentations and demonstrations, PRO Audio Technology announced the launch of their PROCertified service, which will provide dealers with design and development assistance for immersive audio systems, from the initial concept stage through final commissioning and calibration.

"After many months of construction and anticipation, we are proud to show off our newly upgraded PRO Experience Center. With a whopping 23 channels powered by nearly 15,000 watts of power, the system provides incomparable immersive audio thrills," said Paul Hales, owner and president of PRO Audio Technology. "Our dealers and associates were blown away by the demonstrations, and the PROCertified program was very well received. We look forward to installing similar systems with our dealer and distributor partners worldwide."


Additional Resources
• For more information, please visit www.proaudiotechnology.com.
• Get more details on the Trinnov Altitude32 at the company's website.

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