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rojectiondesign is a Norwegian company that designs, manufactures and markets a range of high performance projectors for professional, business and consumer applications.

Amongst its core markets are high resolution scientific visualization and simulation, medical imaging, e-cinema and public displays. Demonstrating commitment to the development of the display industry, projectiondesign was first to market with 1080p and the more recent WUXGA resolution projectors based on Texas Instruments DLP technology, and the entire professional product range is warranted for 24/7 usage. projectiondesign is based in Fredrikstad (Norway), and has offices in Gothenburg, Singapore, Milano, Stuttgart, Bilbao, Bombay, Cape Town, London and New York.

projectiondesign's consumer projectors are marketed under the avielo name.


Notable projection design products include:

projectiondesign F32
projectiondesign optix
projectiondesign cineo
projectiondesign helios
projectiondesign radiance
projectiondesign prisma

See also avielo. Similar companies include Digital Projection, Sim2, and Runco.

Email: sales@projectiondesign.com


Habornveien 53
Gamle Fredrikstad, 1630

+47 69 30 45 50 - tel
+47 69 30 45 80 - fax