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PSB Speakers Introduces New Powerful Compact Subwoofer

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PSB_Speakers_SubSeries300_subwoofer.gifPSB Speakers introduces the SubSeries 300 Powered Subwoofer, a model that represents a new direction in subwoofer design.

For the SubSeries 300, PSB's design team partnered with the engineers at its sister company, NAD Electronics to design a customized NAD power amplifier specially for the SubSeries 300.

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As a result, NAD's new amplifier for the SubSeries 300 can reportedly produce 850 Watts of peak dynamic power, 425W of dynamic power, and 300W of continuous power at less than 0.08 percent THD. Given this reported power, the SubSeries 300 could handle demanding transients in music. PSB also reports that the sub's high power Class D discrete MOSFET amplifier output stage is 90 percent efficient, producing more power with less energy. A newly designed power supply also supposedly saves energy by reducing standby power consumption to 0.5 watt or less.

The latest implementation of PSB's proprietary "smart bass" limiting circuitry works to prevent audible overload from demanding music and film soundtracks.

The subwoofer's small cabinet houses a 12-inch woofer that churns out low frequencies thanks to its polypropylene cone, a butyl rubber surround, a high power 2-inch voice coil, and a 50-ounce magnet. Port noise is handled by a large 3-inch-diameter down- firing port, which is both internally and externally radiused.

PSB's SubSeries 300 Powered Subwoofer is available now at an MSRP of $899.

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