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PurePower Introduces 2000 Watt AC Regenerator For High End AV Systems

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Audiophile grade AC power company, PurePower just started shipping its most powerful regenerator, the Model 2000. The Model 2000 (MSRP $2,995) outputs over 2000 Watts of perfect, isolated, battery reference power. Model 2000 has 10 receptacles, the 1050 ($2,495) and 700 ($1,795) have 8. Export models are supplied with a dozen different kinds of country-specific receptacles.

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PurePower AC power products are specifically designed for audiophile and home theater use. The idea behind the products are to get your high performance AV system "off the grid" as the PurePower products fully recreate the AC coming into your system to a perfect signal.

Up until the recent launch of the Model 2000 PurePower, the biggest systems with reference grade amplifiers needed more than one PurePower. Now, all but the most grandiose AV systems and home theater can have "pure" power from one single AV power component. 

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