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Purist Audio Design


Purist Audio Design offers a complete line of ultra high-end audio, digital, and power cables designed with a focus on virtually every aspect of a cable's construction.

Purist Audio Design was founded in 1986 by Jim Aud who still designs the cables. He maintains a blog on the company's website. What sets Purist Audio Design apart from most other cable manufacturers is that many of their designs are filled with liquid. The company's mission statement says it all: "Reproducing the universal language of music with a unique team of innovators who are passionate about producing quality products."


To celebrate 25 years in the business, Purist Audio Design released a 25th Anniversary Cable line that has both interconnects and speaker cables. Other notable products include the Aqueous Aureus interconnects, the Elementa Advance Cable Line, and the Purist Limited Edition Power Cord.

Similar companies include Ultralink, Kimber Kable, Transparent Cable, and Monster Cable.

Email: info@puristaudiodesign.com

Purist Audio Design

1606 Old Angleton Road
Clute, TX 77531

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