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Quad USA

Founded in 1936 by audio design legend Peter Walker, Quality Unit Audio Domestic holds a status in the world of hi-fi that can only be described as 'royalty'. Indeed, the company has received technological achievement awards from the Queen of England herself. Quad changed the face of hi-fi in 1957 with the introduction of its ESL-57 Electrostatic Loudspeaker, the first true full-range electrostatic loudspeaker. To this day, the 57 is praised for its amazing transparency and imaging qualities. From 1948-1953, Quad released three legendary tube amplifiers, topped with the Quad II in 1953, a product that set a new standard in lowering harmonic distortion levels. After launching the solid-state 33 preamplifier and 303/405 amplifiers, Quad again raised the bar in loudspeaker design and performance with the release of its ESL-63 in 1981, a larger and more robust version of the ESL-57 utilizing patented electrostatic designs. Now owned by Verity Group, along with fellow UK loudspeaker companies Wharfedale and Mission, Quad has since built on its mission of "the closest approach to the original" with its successful lines of high-performance audio separates, new electrostatic loudspeakers, dynamic loudspeakers, and popular re-issues of its classic tube amplifier products.

Notable Products: Quad II, ESL-57, ESL-63, 33, 303, 405