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Red Wine Audio Unveils Black Lightning High-current Battery Power Supplies

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RedWineAudio-backlighting.gifRed Wine Audio, manufacture of battery-powered purest hi-fi components, unveils Black Lightning high-current battery power supplies. Getting the best sound possible from audio components requires feeding them a clean and robust supply of electrical current. Yet to reduce costs, many audio components ship with the bare minimum: Cheap and dirty AC Power Adaptors - sometimes called Wall-Worts. To the manufacture, these AC adaptors are "throw-ins." To you as a music lover, cheap power adaptors degrade your listening experience - probably more than you realize. Black Lightning is the industry's first plug-and-play replacement for the inferior stock AC adaptors currently used to power your DACs, phonostages, preamplifiers, amplifiers and other audio components. Each Black Lightning is hand-built and preconfigured to meet your specific power and connectivity requirements. Black Lightning takes audio components off-the-power-grid, completely eliminating the noise and grunge found on all AC power lines. Feeding your components "DC-Direct" with Black Lightning bypasses all shortcomings related to the AC-to-DC conversion process.
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