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Revel Performa M22 Monitor Loudspeaker Reviewed

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When it comes to high-performance monitor loudspeakers, $2,000 per pair seems to be the Holy Grail price most manufacturers aim for with many top-flight offerings in the class. Revel is no different, which is apparent with their new M22 two-way monitor loudspeaker, which retails for $2,200 a pair. The M22 builds on the success of the former F series loudspeakers from Revel, but don't call it an update, as the M22 is a whole new speaker design.

The M22 is a true two-way monitor, featuring a single six-and-a half-inch bass/midrange driver mated to a one-inch titanium dome and a wide dispersion tweeter. The M22 is compact, well-braced and features a fit and finish that defies its asking price. The cabinet itself comes in two finishes, black ash and cherry, though the entire cabinet is not wood veneer; the rear quarter of the M22 is finished in a smooth semi-gloss black, giving it a unique, sophisticated look. Along the M22's backside rests its flared bass port and single-wire binding posts and treble attenuation controls, a Revel Performa staple.

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The M22 has a stated in-room frequency response of 46Hz to 15kHz and a sensitivity rating of 85dB into an approximately six-ohm load. The M22 uses a high-order crossover set at roughly 2kHz. Due to the M22's relative lack of efficiency, you're going to need to bring a fair amount of quality power to the M22 party for them to sound their best and, for truly full-range performance, you'll want to pair the Revel monitors with a capable subwoofer.

High Points
• The M22s are sublime, sophisticated and poised little performers that make sweet music at a level unheard of at or around their $2,000 price point.

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