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revel_speakers_logo.jpgRevel Loudspeakers was created in the 1990s to compliment the all-powerful Mark Levinson audio brand. With a parent company that also owns JBL and Infinity the design capabilies of Revel right out of the gate exceeded that of many of the best high end audio loudspeaker manufacturers.

Led by designers and engineers like Floyd Toole and Kevin Voecks, the company's first speaker - the Gem - was a bold design aesthetically. The line really grabbed hold of market share later in the 1990's with their Ultima series specifically the flagship Salon and Studio speakers which were larger that competing speakers from the likes of Wilson Audio (WATT Puppy) and B&W's 802d's.

Today Revel has revamped their reference speakers to make them with a smaller footprint. They also have popular lines of much more affordable audiophile speakers such as the Concerta and Performa lines. They have subwoofers, in-wall speakers and many other offerings making them one of the finest brands in all of high end audio-video speakers.

Popular Revel products include the Ultima Studio2, Performa M22, and Concerta F12.

Compare Revel to companies like B&W, Wilson, and MartinLogan.

Harman HPAV
1718 W. Mishawaka Rd.
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Notable Products: Revel Salons, B30 Subwoofer


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Woodbury, New York 11797

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