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Founded by the legendary Swiss professional audio company Studer in the early 1950s, Revox produced some of the most acclaimed and respected open-reel tape recorders in history. Studer Revox then went on to produce a variety of professional audio products such as mixing consoles, synchronizers, and digital audio workstations. After a series of various acquisitions, in 1994 Harman International purchased the company but as of 2010 only markets the Studer brand.  Revox has recently announced that, as part of its new focus on loudspeakers, it will partner with Zumtobel to produce lighting products that double as loudspeakers, similar to Klipsch's initiative.

Popular Revox products include the G36, A77, and B77 reel-to-reel tape recorders, Re:system M51 and M100 multimedia solutions, and M37 audio server.

Compare Revox to companies like Classe, B&O, and Linn.

Revox (Schweiz) AG
Wehntalerstrasse 190
CH-8105 Regensdorf
+41 44 871 66 11

+41 44 871 66 19 - FAX