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Richard Gray's Power Company 1200 Custom Reviewed

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You don't have to watch too much CNN these days to hear all about how everything sold in America is built in China. Boeing can't seem to ship a 787 "Dreamliner." because so many parts are outsourced from so many obscure parts of the world that they can't put the actual plane together, while Europena-made Airbus is landing their mega-A380 at LAX and showing it off to everyone in Hollywood. In the world of home theater electronics and. more specifically, the niche of AC power, Richard Gray's Power Company is all-American. Built in Illinois by real workers making a real wage, this power product built its reputation in the audiophile community, but quickly broadened its appeal to the custom installer/CEDIA market, where it is well respected.

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The technology behind the Richard Gray's Power Company (RGPC) $2,000 1200s product is very simple. Inside a heavy-duty chassis, there are two 6000-watt parallel chokes, which provide about the most significant surge protection money can buy. Reportedly, not one of Richard Gray's Power Company devices has ever been destroyed by a power surge or even a nearby lightning strike. Unlike some of the more power strip-oriented power devices, Richard Gray's Power Company products are built with the ultimate fuse. In technical terms, it's called an MOV. Some other $2,000 power conditioners use a Radio Shack-style fuse that, once it blows, leaves your system open to anything and everything the power grid has to throw at you. With an RGPC device, the MOV is gigantic, with metal and spools of wire. No wonder this product doesn't fail.

Performance-wise, the RGPC 1200 "Custom" offers the aforementioned surge protection, but audiophiles report being able to get more efficiency from their tube amps. Videophiles report being able to get slightly better blacks from their projectors. With AC power, performance improvements can be incremental. However, it has been suggested that the ever-so-small reserve of power in the large chokes of the RGPC 1200 allow for just enough reserves of power for many products to work better. The demonstration with a video projector is pretty telling, as I have seen it with my own eyes.

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