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Runco Introduces High Efficiency WindowWall Video Display

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Runco just announced the latest enhancements to its WindowWall display wall video system. New to the series is the WindowWall High-Efficiency (HE) video display that boasts lower power consumption. The company also announced that the current WindowWall High-Bright (HB) and WindowWall HE will be available with Runco's OPAL (Optical Path ALignment) technology as an option.

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Runco's proprietary OPAL technology reportedly enhances the black level, detail and clarity within dark scenes. Runco also claims that OPAL reduces surface light reflections on the screen, a common viewing distraction that plagues viewers of flat panel displays.

The Runco WindowWall extends options in a room's design and it offers a gamut of applications, from digital ambience to entertainment, to office applications, such as video conferencing. The WindowWall can also become a virtual window by displaying snow falling on the mountains or the view of Manhattan from a skyscraper. For sports enthusiasts, the WindowWall can become an large screen showing a single game or multiple games at once. WindowWall HE boasts 30 percent less energy usage than its high-bright counterpart.

The Runco WindowWall HB and HE are available with Runco's TileAlign landscape mounting system. The mounting system has been redesigned to a 3.5 inch mounting profile from the front of the display to the wall.

The WindowWall HE, WindowWall HE OPAL, and WindowWall HB OPAL displays will be available in early January 2011 and MSRPs vary based on size of the display wall.

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