Home Theater Review



Untitled-1.jpgRunco has stood at the forefront of the high-end television industry since 1968. Founded by Sam and Lori Runco, Runco debuted with its Cinemabeam front projection television in the mid 1970s, and produced a slew of follow-up models over the next decade made famous for their performance, adjustability, and installation-friendly design. In the early 1990s, Runco built on its innovative reputation by introducing line doublers and aspect ratio control to the consumer video market, as well as a high-end LaserDisc player. Soon came a CRT projector utilizing 9" CRTs, and a collaboration with Texas Instruments to develop the now-ubiquitous DLP technology. Today, Runco continues its reputation for producing world-class video products with its array of DLP, Plasma, LCD, and Video Processor products.

Popular Runco products include the LightStyle LS-HB, the WindowWall, and the QuantumColor Q-750i LED Projector.

Compare Runco to companies like SIM2, Digital Projection, and Meridian.