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Samsung Announces 75-inch 3D HDTV: the D9500

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samsung_d9500_3D_HDTV.gifAccording to Engadget, Samsung will be showing that Sharp isn't the only company putting out huge screens.

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3D is a medium that needs to be seen on a large screen, the bigger the better. Not only is the new D9500 a huge screen, it is also has an LED-backlight, which means it shouldn't have the problems associated with edge-lighting, such as being able to see the light sources.

However, the new LED HDTV will be staying true to the active shutter technology, despite the recent push towards passive glasses technology. The D9500 has a 240Hz refresh rate and comes equipped with all of Samsung's Smart TV features.

Engadget claims their sources confirm the television will hit the United States market in August with a price of $13,000, but no official word has come from Samsung at this time.

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