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Samsung BD-D5300 Blu-ray Player Reviewed

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Samsung_BD-D5300_Bluray_player_review.jpgHigh Points
• The BD-D5300 supports BD-Live and BonusView Blu-ray features.
• The player includes Samsung's Smart Hub, with extensive Web offerings, DLNA streaming, and an intuitive search function.
• The BD-D5300 offers Dolby TrueHD decoding and bitstream output of high-resolution audio.
• BD-Wise allows you to output a disc at its native resolution and frame rate when connected to compatible Samsung TVs.

Low Points
• The BD-D5300 does not support 3D playback.
• The player lacks DTS-HD MA decoding and multichannel analog audio outputs, so it's not the best choice for someone who owns an older A/V receiver.
• It does not have integrated WiFi; the optional USB WiFi adapter costs $80.
• The player lacks internal memory to store BD-Live content.
• There's no advanced control port like RS-232.

Competition and Comparison
Compare the Samsung BD-D5300 with its competition by reading the reviews for the Sony BDP-S380, Vizio VBR333, and Sharp BD-HP24U. Learn more about Blu-ray players by visiting our Blu-ray Players section.

As the most economical option in Samsung's 2011 Blu-ray line, the BD-D5300 sacrifices some desirable features, such as 3D support, integrated WiFi, and DTS-HD decoding. However, it's still a good choice for someone who wants Blu-ray playback and an extensive Web platform with lots of customization options, thanks to the Samsung Apps Store. If there's any chance you might want a wireless network connection at some point, I'd recommend stepping up to the BD-D5700, which adds integrated WiFi for $50 (compared with the optional WiFi USB adapter for $80). But, if you have no need for WiFi support (perhaps you have Ethernet-over-powerline or another networking technology), then the BD-D5300 makes more sense.

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