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Samsung Launches New 3D Glasses Promotion

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Samsung_3D_glasses.gifSamsung recently issued details on a new 3D glasses promotion, which provides two pairs of Active 3D glasses for free with Samsung 2011 3D TVs. This promotion replaces the previously announced 3D glasses promotion, which concluded as scheduled. However, to allow additional consumers the opportunity to enjoy 3D without having to purchase 3D glasses, Samsung is now launching another similar promotion to run through Aug 13th.

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Consumers purchasing qualified 2011 3D TVs from participating authorized retailers will receive two pairs of 3D Active glasses free of cost, directly from the retailer.

The glasses promotion is offered only by participating authorized Samsung retailers at their discretion. Samsung may choose to exclude certain models from the promotion due to supply or other constraints. Glasses will be provided by the retailer as part of a 3D Starter Kit with select models.

With the new promotion, Samsung will not be fulfilling free glasses directly to consumers - the free glasses must be provided by the retailer at point of purchase.

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