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SANYO PLV-Z4000 LCD Projector Reviewed

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HTR Product Rating

4 Stars
4 Stars
4 Stars

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High Points
• The PLV-Z4000 has a 1080p resolution and can accept 24p sources.
• This 120Hz projector offers either a Smooth mode or a 5:5 pulldown mode for film sources. 
• Multiple lamp modes allow you to tailor the projector's light output to suit your viewing environment.
• It has dual HDMI and component video inputs, as well as an RS-232 port.
• Setup is easy, thanks to a 2x manual zoom and generous lens-shifting abilities. The projector also has plenty of picture adjustments.
• An anamorphic mode is available, if you'd like to mate the projector with an anamorphic lens system.

Low Points
• The setup menu only offers global RGB controls, as opposed to high and low settings, to adjust white balance.
• The PLV-Z4000 lacks a 12-volt trigger.
• The zoom, focus and lens-shift controls are manual, not motorized.

The PLV-Z4000 has an MSRP of $2,495, but it is actually available for under $2,000 through legitimate outlets. That makes it an excellent value in the world of 1080p projection, yet it does not skimp on features to achieve that price point. This SANYO falls in between the entry-level models that offer high light output for bright-room viewing and the step-up models designed to produce deeper blacks in a theater environment. At least on paper, it strikes a nice balance between the two and is worth a look if you need a versatile projector to handle different viewing environments.

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