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Savant is a leading manufacturer of home automation equipment and software. Savant uses Apple products extensively in their overall designs, including iPad, iPhone and touch apps.

Founded in 2005, Savant's goal was to offer a different experence with home automation equipment, with solutions to "many of the difficulties plaguing custom installers and systems integrators."

Savant's most notable products is their ROSIE control system, which has a host of equipment that can do everything from video switching and distribution, lighting and HVAC control and more. Also notable is theri PROTEGE control system, which can be completely controled by a iPhone or touch.


One of Savants most recent products is the TrueImage Control. Savant will photograph each room in your home, then incorporate those images into your personal iPad controller. To turn on a light or close a blind, you can just tap the actual light in the image on your iPad. The light will turn on or off in the image, and in real life.

Similar to Savant are companies that include Crestron and Control4.


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