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Screen Research is a French projector screen company that is best known for its acoustically "transparent" screens. Founded in 2001, Screen Research's screens have received THX and ISF Certifications, and are available in motorized, fixed, and curved forms.

Notable Screen Research products include:

Screen Research ClearPix acoustically transparent screen
Screen Research ClearPix2
Screen Research GrayPix


HomeTheaterReview.com has a look at the features that make Screen Research different from other screen companies and a preview of the Screen Research GrayPix screen.

Similar to Screen Reasearch are companies like Stewart Filmscreen, Da-Lite, Elite, dnp, SI Screens, and Vutec.

Email: info@screenresearch.com

Screen Research

Parc d'Activité de Ragon 16, rue Louis Pasteur
Treillières, 44119 NANTES

+33 (0) 2 40 77 87 89 - tel
+33 (0) 2 40 77 86 78 - fax