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Sean Killebrew's Associated Equipment

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Sean-Killebrew-Bio-photo.jpgTheater System
Processor: Cary Audio Cinema 12
Amp: Integra DTA-70.1
Front left/right Speakers: Focal 836 W
Subwoofer: SVS SB13-Ultra
Center/Surround Speakers: Episode 700 Series
Blu-ray: Oppo BDP-93
DAC: Cambridge DacMagic
Source: MacBook Pro
Software: Amarra (for Apple Lossless files) and Decibel (for high-res)
Cabling: WireWorld

Two-Channel System
Oppo DV-980H
MusicStreamer II DAC
MacBook Pro w/ Amarra software
WireWorld analog and USB cabling

Check out Sean Killebrew's Google Profile for more information.