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Sennheiser Launches Momentum Black Headphones

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Sennheiser-Momentum-Black-headphone-small.jpgThe MOMENTUM Black is the new addition to Sennheiser's Style Selection. Following close on the release of the original MOMENTUM, MOMENTUM Black delivers a fusion of style and substance; urban design that claims no compromise on sound.

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The look of right now is dark and sophisticated; with elegant silhouettes that emphasize purity and subtly accentuate textures and fine materials. This is the world of the MOMENTUM Black, which marries a headband slider of stainless steel with earpads and a headband worked from leather.

Other touches include the circumaural ear cups that insulate the listener from noisy urban environments, and an optional cable with a smart remote and microphone for taking and receiving calls and controlling the music on Apple devices.

The MOMENTUM Black is now available.
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